Congratulations ! Im argentinian but the german team played a really great game.

thank you so much but so did your team! the game was just insane and could have ended either way really :)

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if you make nazi/hitler jokes about the german team you’re gross also it’s 2014 please shut up


amazing. i am speechless. the boys did good. götze got the winning goal and neuer kept a clean sheet and that is literally everything i could have wanted from this game. i’m so fucking proud right now to the point where i feel part-german. my girl is happy, the boys are champions. life. is. good.

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Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Deutschland!


so much respect for the germany nt. they know that this result is humiliating. our team is a mess, they are scoring but it’s like they feel bad for celebrating. i honestly hope they win this world cup. they came here so ready, and unlike the other teams, they didnt complain about anything here, they just did their job.

other teams complained about the weather, germans trained at 1PM to get used to it. the other teams said bad things about our country (even while they were being treated so well by the brazilian people), the germans did nothing but say that they are grateful to be welcome with so much love and passion here.

i’m obviously sad with brazil’s result but i’m glad that we are not losing to a team that don’t deserve to be champions and don’t behave like good people.

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"Hello intern, you have a name?" Jo Wilson.”